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Monday, May 8, 2017

Yard and Garden Journal 5/8/2017 Frost Advisory Part - 2

It wasn't until 9:30am that I noticed the crust of ice in the birdbath.

The temperature certainly dipped below freezing at sometime during the darkside of the morning.  Silly old me almost ignored the frost advisory ... many of the potted plants would have been damaged or killed if I had left them out.  

Our first perennial Dianthus bloom of this year didn't give a damn about the frost.  
We only have one area in our gardens that the Dianthus finds favorable enough to overwinter.

Yard and Garden Journal 5/8/2017 Frost Advisory

Everything (or nearly so) is sheltered in the garage for the night.   Currently it is ~12:45am and the temp outside is 35F; forecast is that it could drop to freezing sometime between now and just before sunup.  Frost was not in the forecast until AFTER I did some potting earlier in the day.  We don't have any tender annuals in the ground yet; I used to have stuff in the gardens by mid-April but just got plain tired of covering everything with sheets of plastic every time there was a chance of frost.  Last year (or maybe the year before) we decided to abide by the rule that nothing goes into the ground until after Mother's Day.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Safariland Comp 1 Speedloader is a very sweet concealed carry reload option for the S&W J Frame

In the comments of an earlier blog entry, a kindred gunslinging blogger, Comrade Misfit, suggested that I try Safariland Speedloaders for concealed carry.  So, I bought three Safariland Comp 1 speedloaders for my S&W J Frames.  I practiced with them ... I carried them ...  and I found that I liked this speedloader design a whole lot!  

No conflict between the speedloader and the grips on this J Frame S&W

On YouTube, I found several tutorials on how to use the Comp 1; IMHO the video above is the best.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

The MAGPUL Tejas "El Original" Gun Belt is my latest ride

Last night and this morning I tested my new 1.5'' wide version of "El Original" on a sampling of holsters.  The fit inside the fixed holster loops and inside the snap loops was tight on almost everything and required a bit of effort, but the belt and all holsters (that I tried) did marry.

Comfort wise, with or without a holster, my initial impression is favorable;  I find "El Original" to be a rather satisfying accoutrement.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Yard and Garden Journal 4/27/2017; random photos and idle chit chat.

My sole surviving front yard tulip on Easter Sunday.  Many folks up here have gardens full of tulips that return each spring, some for over a decade or longer.  Other dedicated gardeners simply replant tulip beds every fall.  I am going to give up on tulips for a while; with my lack of tulip talent, they just have not been very agreeable 

The daffodils have proven to be very tenacious.

A store-bought arrangement wedged with bricks to keep it from blowing away.
The first mowing of the front yard was on 4/17/2017, prior to the application of weed-and-feed.
The grass held up very well over the winter months and greened up readily with our frequent waves of nitrogen rich spring thundershowers.

Here is what the front lawn looked like on the day before yesterday, shortly after its second mowing of this season.  It has been maybe about a week since I gave it a light application of weed-and-feed; a little goes a long way.  Our little postage-stamp sized front yard is where I put in the most effort, but honestly it only gets lawn food in the spring and that's it for the entire year; I never believed in the multi-step lawn treatments throughout the year.  Further, this twenty-year-old yard has never had core aeration; I let the worms provide that service, and they do it for free.  How often do I power de-thatch the lawn?  Never.  If an area is showing some need, a little effort with a steel rake takes care of the problem.  How often do I treat for grubs and other malevolent critters?  Never;  our area has a bounty of hungry birds that are usually very happy to oblige, although during hot and dry July and August the birds require that I give the lawn a good soaking before they will put any effort into foraging. 

EDIT:  Nope, I don't bag my clippings.  Both walk-behind power-mowers are mulchers.  Mulching mower or not, I get the best looking results with sharp blades; dull blades tend to brown the top of the  grass.  I keep my blades HIGH, around three and a half inches is as low as I go; long grass gives the lawn deeper roots.  The zero turn riding mower is not a mulcher but it gives a good looking cut as long as the blades are sharp.  HOWEVER, the zero turn is heavy and compacts the soil a bit more than I like, so I usually only use it in areas that I am not too finicky about, such as the back and side yards.  I will use the zero for the front yard if I am overwhelmed with laziness.

My yard is a hobby; if the lawn next-door or across the street is long and ragged with dandelions and other weeds, I suffer no angst whatsoever.  My Eastside next-door neighbor has a lawn that is so beautiful it makes mine look neglected.  If this was some sort of competition, we would lose to several folks in our subdivision. Our only goal is to achieve a certain level of personal happiness; nothing more; nothing less.

Monday, April 24, 2017

The NRA bumps off another competitor

Nothing personal, it's strictly business.

The NRA might want to rethink that strategy. CLICK on that flashy NRA banner below to read what David Codrea has to say.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Is it time to declare open season on all monsters of OUR Internet?

Yes, it is time for lawmakers to dismember ALL of the multi-billion-dollar monsters of the Internet, beginning with Google.

CLICK on that big ugly monster below and read on ...

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

... and then suddenly the thing went all like BOOOOOOM!

Do you think I can maybe just put a patch on this?
Well, I supposed that the lesson for me here is to never inflate a 7-year-old tire to its rated-pressure.

So, the zeroturn gets to sit and wait for two new front tires to arrive; the lawn has been too wet to use the rider for mowing anyway; I used a regular power mower to do the front yard, the rest of the yard can wait.

The battery needed some coaxing to bring it back to life; dunno if it will make it to the end of the mowing season; this is the tractor's second battery; they only seem to last 3-years each.  After sitting all winter, the engine started without too much persuasion.

I'd really like to put a mulch kit on the mower deck ... naaah ... maybe next year.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

This explains the shooting pains in your eyes

Likely caused by eating too many of the latest fad lollipop, the Glocksucker.